A Policy Council of representatives from Pennsylvania ministries directs LAMPa’s work, meeting three times each year to plan the advocacy agenda, provide fiscal oversight, and build constituency relationships.

Executive Committee: 
The Rev. Brenda Martin, Chair
Mr. Bruce McCullough, Vice-chair
Ms. Susan Barclay, Treasurer
The Rev. Glenn Beard, Secretary
The Rev. Michael Bennethum, Member-at-large

Members Representing:

Allegheny Synod:

The Rev. Rebecca Horn
Ms. Susan Barclay

Lower Susquehanna Synod:

The Rev. Carla Christopher-Wilson
The Rev. Matthew Best

Northeastern PA Synod:

Vicar Dillon Epler
The Rev. Michael Bennethum

Northwestern PA Synod:

Mr. Dennis Groce
The Rev. Brenda Martin

Southeastern PA Synod:

Mr. Bruce McCullough
Ms. Donna Skinner-Echols

Southwestern PA Synod:

The Rev. Eric Damon
Ms. Amy Kelly

Upper Susquehanna Synod:

Ms. Michele Mitchell
The Rev. Justin Lingenfelter

Pennsylvania Bishops:

Bishop Craig Miller, Upper Susquehanna Synod

United Lutheran Seminary:


Social Ministry Organizations:

The Rev. Glenn Beard, Jr., Luthercare