Justin LingenfelterBishop Craig Miller has appointed the Rev. Justin Lingenfelter to represent Upper Susquehanna Synod on  LAMPa’s Policy Council.

Lingenfelter serves as the pastor at United In Christ Lutheran Church in Lewisburg, PA and as the current interim pastor for Christ’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lewisburg. Justin and his wife, Kelsey, grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania, both attending Northwestern Lehigh High School. Justin is a graduate of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. and earned a Bachelor of Art degree in Anthropology. Following his undergraduate work, Justin attended The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia where he earned his Master’s of Divinity, graduating in May of 2017 after completing his internship at Christus Victor Lutheran Church in Naples, FL. That summer saw Justin and Kelsey make the move to Mifflinburg as Justin began at United In Christ.

Here is Justin’s reflection on this appointment:

“I’m really grateful for this chance to get to work alongside LAMPa! I sometimes worry that, as Lutherans with a certain penchant for quietism, we have often ceded the floor to louder Christian voices that set a different set of legislative priorities for a life of discipleship this side of God’s kingdom. What I appreciate about LAMPa’s work is that it amplifies a united Lutheran voice that embodies the corrective prophetic cry in the halls of power to do justice and love mercy in a way that prioritizes a love of the neighbors in our midst. LAMPa’s ministry has helped to remind me time and time again that part of my own course of Jesus-following discipleship isn’t simply to localized charity, but to hold accountable an institutional compassion that embodies God’s compassion in this world. 

Legislative visit“This work was made all the more tangible for me during the latest Lutheran Day of Advocacy when I was able to accompany members of the congregation on visits to their representatives and advocate for the prioritization of food-based initiatives across the state. Our congregation had recently become a distribution site for the ElderShare food program through the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank, which in turn relies on funding from the very budget priorities for which we were advocating. It was eye-opening for us all to see how this ministry made possible by faithful work at so many levels. From the boxes we have found joy in delivering and packaging on the ground to the voice that was required in the meeting rooms in Harrisburg, each step was a faithful response in the work to which Jesus calls us! I’m so glad for the opportunity to see the whole of that process and am looking forward to being a part of much more!” 

Bishop Miller summarized some of his reasons for appointing Justin to the Policy Council: “Pastor Justin Lingenfelter came to the Upper Susquehanna Synod in 2017 for his first call at United In Christ Lutheran Church, West Milton. Under his leadership, the congregation studied issues of sexuality and racism, and became our synod’s first Reconciling in Christ congregation. Justin has energy for the mission of God’s church that reaches beyond the congregation into the community and the world.”

Join us in welcoming Justin in our work together for the sake of the world!