Carl HyltonBishop Patricia Davenport of the Southeastern Pennsylvania (SEPA) Synod has appointed Carl Hylton as the synod’s newest representative to the policy council.  

Hylton is a native of Kingston, Jamaica. He is one of six siblings, all of whom live in the United States. He is a graduate of  Saint Aloysius Catholic Boys School. He enrolled in an apprenticeship as an electrician prior to coming to the United States. He worked for the Al & Little Construction Co. in Glenside. The company helped build casinos in Atlantic City. He has since developed his own company, “Carl’s Home Improvements,” from which he has been very successful. He resides in York with his wife. 

Hylton has been very active in church affairs for the ELCA. He has served as a lay chaplain at the Episcopal Hospital of Philadelphia, a long-time lay deacon in the church, vice president of his congregation’s board, as well as extensive work with youth within the Philadelphia area.  

He is a former member of the defunct Holy Cross and has had many leadership positions at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Philadelphia for the last two decades.

The Rev. Dr. Charles Leonard, pastor at St. Mark’s and professor at United Lutheran Seminary, recommended Hylton.  “He sees the inequities in this world and desires to do what he can to right the wrongs. I believe that he will serve LAMPA well. He wants to be an advocate for the disenfranchised and share his voice as an advocate.”  

Hylton said he is excited to join in the work of LAMPa, and is especially interested in the work ahead to advocate for alleviating gun violence and hunger. Please join us in welcoming him to our policy council!