Lutherans Share Their Voices for God’s Work. Our Hands Sunday

ELCA congregations across Pennsylvania shared their voices for God’s Work. Our Hands Sunday by addressing letters to legislators, federal and state, advocating on behalf of those whose voices may not always be heard. As a result of their thoughtful advocacy service, several hundred letters were shared with state and federal lawmakers.

In addition to participating in hands-on projects: harvesting vegetables in the congregation’s community garden; providing an ice cream social for a Lutheran retirement community; preparing flood buckets; and packing backpacks for food insecure elementary students; to name a few, participants addressed letters to representatives and senators on a variety of issues.

Federal lawmakers received letters asking them to reject cutbacks to food insecure Americans through actions taken on the Farm Bill. Letters were also sent to Federal officials lifting the need to retain Voters Rights for everyone. State issues included rejecting the potential addition of work requirements for Medicaid and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients and letters promoting co-sponsorship by legislators in our Commonwealth of 100 percent renewable energy by 2050. In the photo to the right, the Rev.’s Timothy Seitz-Brown (left) and Terry McCarthy (right) complete letters to legislators.

“Constituents seemed highly motivated and willing to address the issues of the day,” stated John Fry who assisted with the LAMPa advocacy table at St. James Lutheran Church, Gettysburg. “Conversations with and among volunteers increased everyone’s awareness of current issues and provided them with an opportunity to participate in a positive manner.”

You can extend your service throughout the year with resources from LAMPa. A variety of resources are available on our web site or contact us if you desire specific legislative templates for use in your congregations.

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