Asian American Hate Crimes Outreach from the PA State Police

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in ways we could never have imagined. Lives are being lost, schools and businesses are closed, and our way of life has drastically changed. An additional consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic are the increasing volume of hate/bias crimes and incidents targeting members of the Asian American Community. These crimes are based upon misinformation regarding COVID-19; however, the impact on the victims of these crimes are real and immeasurable.

LAMPa is working to strengthen laws against hate crimes as part of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Hate, and, along with Pennsylvania ELCA bishops, has signed a public statement in support of our Asian Pacific American neighbors.  Church leaders are asked to add their names to the public letter here.

The Pennsylvania State Police would like to reassure the members of our Asian American Communities  they take every allegation of hate/bias crimes and incidents with the seriousness they deserve. Every allegation of hate/bias crimes and incidents against Asian Americans and other minority groups will be investigated thoroughly.

The Pennsylvania State Police would like your assistance in disseminating this statement to the members of these communities, as well as your other community and law enforcement partners so the message can go even further. The State police would like to encourage Asian Americans to report any and all instances of hate or bias crimes that they may have witnessed, or been a victim of. The State police is equipped to communicate with the victims in multiple languages.

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