The Ethics of Dialogue and Debate from the Journal of Lutheran Ethics

Introducing a new ongoing resource for formal education classes or informal group discussion from the Journal of Lutheran Ethics Issue Index October/November 2019: The Ethics of Dialogue and Debate.  The following Introduction is from Editor Jennifer Hockenbery Dragseth.

“In an age of conflict and division between political parties and within political parties, between churches and within churches, American Christians often mourn disagreement, regret the diversity of opinion, and sigh for unity. This issue looks into the reality of disagreement in our nation and in our churches without rebuke. Disagreement, even radical and even uncivil disagreement, is a part of human social life, including church life. Thus, this issue is dedicated to answering the following question both theologically and practically: How do we have dialogue and debate on social and political issues with our neighbors.” Read more.

The Journal of Lutheran Ethics hopes to provide reading material to stimulate thinking and conversation among academics, clergy, and laity. To this end, this new section will be included in each issue of JLE in order to encourage constructive discussion within congregations about the topics discussed in JLE. Consider using this section in formal adult education classes or in informal small group discussions. Read More.

Updated articles from the Journal of Lutheran Ethics will be posted on the LAMPa website under Resources in the Education drop down.

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