From the ELCA’s Social Statement on Healthcare (2003): “Health is central to our well-being, vital to relationships, and helps us live out our vocations in family, work, and community. Caring for one’s own health is a matter of human necessity and good stewardship. Caring for the health of others expresses both love for our neighbor and responsibility for a just society. As a personal and social responsibility, health care is a shared endeavor.”

Making sure all are able to receive adequate health insurance coverage is a key priority for LAMPa. We partner with a number of organizations and agencies to make sure our neighbors in Pennsylvania are able to afford and access health care options.

Those who missed Open Enrollment for Pennie, Pennsylvania’s marketplace for health coverage, may still be able to get enrolled during tax season. They can simply follow these steps:

  1. Submit this simple form with taxes

  2. Wait to hear from Pennie via mail or email

  3. Enroll in a Pennie plan within 60 days from the date listed on the Pennie notice!

Good news: Most tax software programs will have this form automatically available. Tax preparers can also fill out the REV-1882 form.

Want to learn more about the Path to Pennie? Check out this page, which includes a quick video and more information.

Questions? LAMPa’s partners at Pennsylvania Health Access Network (PHAN) have a helpline at 877-570-3642.

Even with health insurance, we know that medical debt still affects over 1 million Pennsylvanians. Add your voice to call for an end to Medical Debt by writing to your State Senators here.

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