On February 17th the Lower Susquehanna Synod partnered with Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania (LAMPa) in honor of United Nations World Day of Social Justice for a special panel discussion, in association with Worship & Wonder Wednesdays, on our baptismal call to labor for justice, examining what it means to be public church for the sake of the world. You can watch the panel discussion here.

Led by LAMPa’s  Director Tracey DePasquale, the panelists are the Rev. Amy Reumann, Director of ELCA Advocacy, Dennis Frado, Director, Lutheran Office for World Community, ELCA & Main Representative at UN Headquarters for the Lutheran World Federation, the Rev. Dr. Carmelo Santos, ELCA director for theological diversity and ecumenical and interreligious engagement in the Office of the Presiding Bishop, and Dr. Crystal Hall, assistant professor of biblical studies at United Lutheran Seminary and member of LAMPa’s policy council.

They discussed the new social message on Government and Civic Engagement: Discipleship in a Democracy as well as the ongoing development of the related social statement — with an invitation to participate in all of that!

A number of resources are available for those interested in learning more about the social statement or participating in the process. They are provided below:

There is a study guide and a learners’ guide to the social message available. A Spanish version of the social message can be found here. Reading and understanding the social message will provide an important foundation when reflecting on the work going into the larger social statement.

In October 2020 Living Lutheran published an article titled “Discipleship in a democracy,” which provides important insights and reflection on the purpose of this work and the ongoing work of advocacy.

“Amy Reumann, director of ELCA Advocacy, summarized this approach in the Journal of Lutheran Ethics: “As the people of God called and sent to the world, our public testimony is always an opportunity to proclaim a hope-filled witness to the Good News of Jesus Christ, the God who calls us to do justice” (April 2020). 

ELCA Advocacy offices also help the church hold accountable those who govern on behalf of the people. Advocacy staff frequently share information on pending critical issues so members can call or write their representatives and share their Christian convictions.”

If you’re interested in connecting to ELCA Advocacy to learn more, click here. Details on the forthcoming social statement can be found here as well.

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