New Research from Blessed Tomorrow & ecoAmerica: How Faith Communities Fuel Social Movements

EcoAmerica and Blessed Tomorrow have shared their latest research on How Faith Communities Fuel Social Movements: Lessons for Climate Advocacy from the Immigration Black Lives Matter, and President Trump Election Campaigns. While each effort is rooted in the authentic experiences of those impacted, the report examines the successful replicable strategies and tactics of each of these current social movements, and the unique and vital roles faith communities have had in moving these efforts forward.

This study provides an analysis of current and visible social movements —specifically New Sanctuary (immigration rights), Black Lives Matter, and the 2016 election of President Trump — and how the involvement of communities and leaders of faith have helped forward progress on each. It offers learnings and lessons from these campaigns in an effort to help advocates for climate solutions to become more effective.

The report also features guidance gleaned for climate advocates, including eight take home lessons to help strengthen the efficacy of climate advocacy. Check out the report highlights or download a copy.

Blessed Tomorrow is a coalition of diverse religious partners, including the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), working to advance climate solutions in faithful service to God.

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