Get Your “Light & Cool Harvest” and Low Carbon Thanksgiving Kits Today!

Learn how to get your “Light & Cool Harvest” and Low Carbon Thanksgiving Kit from the Interfaith Power and Light Organization. Harvest time is approaching, our tables are bountiful, and soon we will bring together our loved ones in celebration. Across faith traditions there is the history of welcoming friends, family, and even strangers into our home and nourishing them with delicious food. We know how to make wholesome meals and now we can learn about ways to make meals more sustainable with a lower carbon “foodprint”.

Learn some simple ways to reduce your carbon foodprint and host low carbon events with your friends and family. Click here to get a PDF of the Cool Harvest Potluck Kit. To obtain your Low Carbon Thanksgiving Guide click here.

A new study out of Oxford has shown that without concerted action, the environmental pressures of the food system could increase by 50-90% by 2050. This means our planet cannot support the way we currently grow and eat our food. However we can make a difference in our homes and gathering in our places of worship. Adopting healthy and more plant-based diets globally could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the food system by more than half. Also, halving food loss and waste could, if globally achieved, reduce environmental impacts by up to a sixth.

Informing yourself about how your food impacts the climate is important. You can make a real difference by making small changes in the way you eat and by making sure the food you do buy does not go to waste.



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