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Juneteenth is a celebration of freedom, a time to gather in community and commemorate the official, announced end of slavery in the U.S., even if the history of oppression, racism, and anti-Black violence that characterized it are still part of our story in church and in the United States. 

As ELCA Lutherans set free in Christ to seek community and to seek justice, it is our duty to act against present injustices, speak to our shared witness of Christ and of injustice in this world, and join in the celebration of freedom that is Juneteenth. 

Read an ELCA blog post from our ELCA Racial Justice Ministries director on reckoning with the legacy of slavery while moving forward here. 

Living Lutheran article on Juneteenth, freedom, and our common humanity, written by an ELCA pastor, is available here. 

ELCA worship resources for Juneteenth can be found here. 

LAMPa is happy to accompany ELCA communities in the pursuit of justice and to connect them with resources for advocacy. Let us know what you are doing for Juneteenth and how we can support you by sending us an email at LAMPa@lutheranadvocacypa.org. 

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