Abortion, Elections Among Constitutional Amendments Passed By General Assembly

The Pa. General Assembly has approved five potential state constitutional amendments, including one that would add language that the Commonwealth does not recognize any right to an abortion or to public funding of abortion.

The other four, passed along with the abortion proposal as part of an omnibus resolution would:

  • Allow major party candidates for governor to choose their own running mate for lieutenant governor.
  • Require voters to show government-issued ID to vote in PA
  • Require legislative approval when the executive branch seeks a regulatory change
  • Require the state auditor general to audit elections

Before any of the proposed amendments can appear on the ballot as part of the referendum process, both chambers would need to approve it again next session. All five could go before the voters for a vote as early as the 2023 primary election.

If adopted, the amendment would not ban abortions outright in Pennsylvania, but would pave the way for stricter regulation or a ban, which LAMPa would oppose. Read the ELCA social statement on abortion.

Read coverage of what the abortion amendment could mean. 

Currently, abortions are accessible to people in Pennsylvania up to 24 weeks of a pregnancy, per the state’s Abortion Control Act. In addition, state law already prohibits public insurance coverage for abortions.  Read news coverage of the proposed amendments. 


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