pastorneale1112-150x150 (1)“Serving others is only part of the story.  In the work that we do at Feast of Justice, we have ample opportunities to reach others and provide help.  However, it is in getting to know our guests and in seeing the depth of their struggle that injustice is truly seen.  Our guests desperately want to not be “in the system,”  but the grip of poverty is too strong.  God created us all as children, yet within this family of God, some of our brothers and sisters are plagued from the start.  This isn’t God’s will.  Part of my call is to speak the message of the intended plan of equality in the face of the harsh reality of inequality.  Yet, also critical to this work is the voice of those who otherwise have been silenced–which we find within our guests.  I am blessed to be in a place where we can work together to advocate for the community that God has planned.”