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What is it? Reno v. Flores, also known as “The Flores Settlement” was a 1997 Supreme Court ruling that set standards for immigrant minors when going through the court system. Specifically, the case addressed the issue of unaccompanied minors when in the custody of federal authorities. It ruled that detained children must be released to parents, a legal guardian, another relative, or a vetted entity willing to take legal custody of the child within 20 days.

There is a very real threat that the Flores Settlement-Agreement will be overturned. If Flores is overturned, the result could be indefinite family detention and separation. The public comment period is open now and everyone is invited to comment.

As required by law, all public comments are read. The greater the amount of comments submitted, the longer it will take for any movement on “the Flores Settlement.” Please consider making a comment opposing the overturn of the Flores Settlement-Agreement.

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More information on the Flores Settlement-Agreement may be found on the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services web site.

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  • 11.4.18

    By: Kalman Rupp

    Detention of innocent children is inhuman and has severe long-term psychological effects. The Flores Agreement limited the detention of children to 20 days and protected immigrant children in other ways for several decades. We must save Flores now as the Trump administration plans to scrap Flores and replace it with INDEFINITE DETENTION of children and families. This is Unamerican and violates equal protection under Article XIV of our Constitution. We need to continue peaceful protest to stop Trump from indefinite jailing of innocent children – for 2-3 or more years!

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