State Food Purchase Program Sees Funding Increase

For the first time since the 2006-2007 State Budget, the State Food Purchase Program (SFPP)  has received a funding increase. SFPP was allocated an increase of $100,000.00, or 0.6% over the current fiscal year. This represents a departure from the trend of recent years, in which funding decreased or was held flat in a time of increased need. SFPP is administrated by the Department of Agriculture and makes it possible for food banks to distribute millions of pounds of nutritious food through religious congregations and community agencies to the people who need it most. It is the program many of our congregations rely upon to be able to distribute emergency food to their communities.

In recent years, with more state residents becoming eligible for the program at the same time as food and transportation fuel prices rose, the funding continually fell short. Lutheran congregational leaders have reported to LAMPa the difficulty of meeting rising community needs while SFPP funding dwindled.  If SFPP kept pace with just increasing food costs, it would need over $ 23 million to break even. While the amount of the increase is small, it is promising that legislators have heard from you and recognize the need to support nutrition programs

Thank you to the LAMPa advocates who have communicated with their legislators about the need for an increase in this vital program! Your faithful advocacy works!


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