How can YOU tell and share your advocacy story? Videos are an excellent way! Here are some examples of advocacy stories worth sharing:



Ready to tell your advocacy story?

You likely have the basic tools to create an advocacy video – starting with the smartphone you or someone who works with you carries every day. We’ve created several useful documents (in pdf form) that you might find useful:

Telling your story – some things to consider

Sharing Your Advocacy Story – The Tech Side gives some suggestions on the basics – and beyond – on the technology needed to create an advocacy video

A sample of a short, personal story which would make a good video: Mary Jane’s Advocacy Story

Need a release form? The ELCA provides one in Word format you can download and modify with the name of your church or ministry. Click to download. The form and some other useful documents from the ELCA are also available here.

These materials were part of a Lutheran Day presentation. Need help or have questions? Feel free to contact the presenters, John Kahler and Mark Staples.

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