I grew up on public assistance.  Dad left when I was 6, my sister was 4, my brother was 2, and my sister was new.  None of us grew up to need welfare, and as the years have passed, I’ve realized that my husband Tom (a union member with benefits and a pension) and my two daughters, who both went to graduate school and became professionals have probably already repaid in their taxes the assistance that our little family in the 60’s and 70’s used.  As I pointed out to Senator Hutchinson’s and Representative Oberlander’s aides this morning, Jesus said “Feed My Sheep.”  It is time Pennsylvania’s legislators help not hurt Pennsylvanians.  In my Bible Matthew 25:31-46 is labeled the Judgment of the Nations. My PA legislators are aware of these verses, I hope, by now.  They are also aware that I know what the American Legislative Exchange Council is and how that corporate organization attempts to control the agenda of states all across this country.  Every Pennsylvanian should understand ALEC has far more importance than citizens to some lawmakers so we MUST make some serious noise to ensure that lower income people get the help they need.  LAMPa is doing God’s work, helping skinny little kids like we were so many years ago grow up to vote and try to make a positive difference in the world.  Thank you for LAMPa, a strong voice for Pennsylvanians.