Looking For a Creative Way to Get Out the Vote?

#VoteTogether makes voting more celebratory and inclusive by hosting community-driven celebrations of voting at or near polling places. From backyard BBQs to block parties and parades, families, friends, and neighbors are making voting a time of togetherness and fun. The events are focused on fun for everyone, and have free food and snacks, music, and games.

Organized by Civic Nation, #VoteTogether works with local leaders and organizations to create nonpartisan, family-friendly celebrations at polling locations during early vote or on Election Day. Through multiple communication channels #VoteTogether offers guidance, support, and templates so it’s easy for their partners to engage their communities and outreach to their neighborhoods.

#VoteTogether has proven these events are fun and they work. In 2016 and 2017, Civic Nation partnered with the pioneering researcher and Columbia University political science professor, Donald P. Green, to measure the impact of of community celebrations on voter participation. The studies found that voter participation increased between two and six percentage points.

#VoteTogether is making participation a celebration and provides and opens doors to great community collaboration.  Sharing a #VoteTogether event allows people to bring their creativity and their community culture to civic life. Connect voting to a celebration and pride in being part of a community.These events makes it easy for local businesses to contribute to community civic life via in-kind donations and new partnerships.

How do you plan a #VoteTogether event?

1.Choose a location

2.Work with your community to plan a great party!

3.Prepare everything you’ll need to celebrate. That includes: snacks, entertainment, staffing, and tents (yes, tents! Be ready for inclement weather if your event is outside).

4.Invite everyone using direct outreach to make sure everyone in the voting area knows about your event. Some options are: door-knocking and flyering; volunteer phone banks, paid phone calls, or robo-calls; text messaging; mailings.

5.Train your volunteers

6.Celebrate! (and take lots of pictures).

How to get involved? If you’d like to host a #Vote Together event, the organizers are planning to provide $1,000 stipends for each event.  The #VoteTogether initiative is non-partisan in accordance with rules for 501(c)(3) organizations.  The initiative and its activities may not be coordinated with, to support, or to inform a partner group’s political activity.

To maintain a spirit of community celebration and to comply with federal law which prohibits providing incentives to encourage or reward voting, participation in the event is not restricted to those who vote or who plan to vote.  That means the events and anything offered at the events are provided to voters and non-voters alike.

If you are interested in learning more contact LAMPa.

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