“Hospitality for the uprooted is a way to live out the biblical call to love the neighbor in response to God’s love in Jesus Christ.” ELCA Message on Immigration, 1998

LAMPa collaborates with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service and other partners to address state and federal legislation that impacts refugees, immigrants and human trafficking concerns. The LAMPa Immigration Leadership Circle

LIRS maintains an Unaccompanied Minors crisis update page.  Recent updates include:

  • •The State Department has increased projections for Special Immigrant Visas from 7,000 to 10,000 arrivals this fiscal year.
  • •Jessica Jones provides some context around the statistics that have been shared on unaccompanied children and what the current changes in numbers could mean.
  • •Brittney Nystrom shares the three most likely scenarios possible for Executive Action from President Obama later this month.
  • •Lutherans and other people of faith continue to lead the way in creating welcoming communities and are looking for more opportunities to engage and contribute.
  • •More than 30 Lutheran leaders from Central America, Mexico, and the US convened in a call to begin discussing an international response to the unaccompanied children crisis.

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