“We of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have an enduring commitment to work for and support health care for all people as a shared endeavor. Our commitment comes in grateful response to God’s saving love in Jesus Christ that frees us to love and seek the well-being of our neighbor.”  ELCA Social Statement, Sharing for Health: Our Shared Endeavor, 2003

LAMPa’s health care advocacy focuses on access to quality, affordable health care for people with low or moderate income. LAMPa was deeply involved in efforts to save the adultBasic program which served working adults with low income. Most recently, LAMPa has been working in coalition with the Pennsylvania Health Access Network in the Cover the Commonwealth campaign to urge expansion of Medicaid in Pennsylvania.

March 5, 2015 Update

The election of Governor Wolf is bringing a switch from former Gov. Tom Corbett’s “Healthy Pennsylvania” program to full Medicaid expansion by the end of April 2015, according to Ted Dallas, acting secretary of the state Department of Human Services.

The transition will blend the three parts of Corbett’s program – an expansion for those newly eligible, plus high- and low-risk categories for current participants – into a single plan like that adopted in New Jersey and more than 20 other states.

Corbett’s alternative uses federal Medicaid dollars to buy private health insurance for low-income residents (below $32,913 for a household of four), the same threshold used by every expansion state. Households above that level are eligible for premium subsidies in the form of tax credits for insurance purchased on the Obamacare insurance exchange. The Healthy Pennsylvania plan contained numerous measures to cut costs and bring small payments from participants and officially took effect Jan. 1, 2015.