The Census determines the state’s representation in Congress as well as billions in federal dollars for everything from health care to education and transportation. The administration estimated that Pennsylvania would lose $2,100 for each person not counted. People in poor, non-white, and marginalized communities are most vulnerable to under-count, which undercuts representation and aid for those communities. An accurate count is an issue of justice.

LAMPa is part of a coalition equipping communities to help ensure that everyone is counted and will be providing synods and congregations with tools to assist in the coming months. Contact us to learn how you can help and sign up to receive materials and guidance as soon as they are available.

Pennsylvania has identified priority counties and at-risk households. Priority county tiers were determined based on the areas that experienced undercounts in the 2010 Census, along with growth in the historically undercounted populations of people of color, immigrants, and children under 18. At-risk households were determined based on the Census Bureau model of predicting non-response to the 2020 Census by census tract.

The U.S. Census Bureau launched its nationwide 2020 Census recruitment campaign to recruit and hire the nearly 500,000 people needed to ensure a fair and accurate 2020 Census. These census workers (known as enumerators) will go door to door to count those households that did not mail back their census forms in April. Encouraging people within hard-to-count neighborhoods to work for the 2020 Census can help ensure people in these communities hear from trusted voices when an enumerator comes to their door.

In addition, the Census Bureau has recently received authorization to hire work authorized bilingual noncitizens – mainly to be enumerators – where the Bureau is not able to find enough citizens with the necessary language skills.

For more background on the Bureau’s hiring process and how can you help recruit people to apply, please refer to the Census Bureau’s 2020 Census Recruitment Toolkit. Access the latest Census Bureau updates here.

An additional informative resource, highlighting the benefits of the census is this Census bulletin insert put together by the Pennsylvania Council of Churches.

Census 2020 Video by Pennsylvania Immigration & Citizenship Coalition