“God’s Work. Our Voices.” Monday. September 9, 2013

On September 8, ELCA congregations across Pennsylvania will be serving their neighbors during “God’s Work. Our Hands.” Sunday. Together we will prepare or deliver meals, fix houses, collect supplies, help a child learn to read and so much more. But what will happen on Monday for those disciples engaged in service and the people with whom they have walked? How can we use our experience of service to create lasting change? What can we do to make sure those who are hungry have enough to eat on September 9 and beyond?

Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania has this mission: In response to God’s love in Jesus Christ, we advocate for wise and just public policies in Pennsylvania that promote the common good. LAMPa’s ministry recognizes that despite all our good ministries, approximately 1.5 million Pennsylvanians – more than 12 percent of our population – live in poverty. LAMPa proceeds from the conviction that as people of faith, we are called to help build the political will combat poverty and to end hunger. LAMPa does this at the state level by connecting ELCA synods with information, resources and opportunities to make our voices heard in Harrisburg in order to make the Commonwealth’s laws fairer and more compassionate for people in need. As they raise their voices, advocates grow in discipleship through witnessing to their faith in the public square.

“If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write.” –Martin Luther

God’s Work. Our Voices. Monday. Consider adding an advocacy component to your September 8 plans, to enhance and deepen your service. Writing letters to legislators, conducting advocacy training, sending letters to the editor are all ways to raise your voice to support policies that fight hunger and persistent poverty. Contact the LAMPa office for advocacy ideas related to your area of service, or use one of the following LAMPa resources to take action on specific issues:

1. Expand the School Breakfast Program to feed hungry kids. Access the LAMPa Breakfast Tool Kit.
2. Oppose introduction of Payday Lending by emailing your State Senator using our e-advocacy system or through a Letter to the Editor. See sample letters and then write your own!
3. Conduct education in your congregation or community on opportunities for people without health insurance to access it through the coming PA Health Insurance Exchange – look for links and material on the LAMPa website in August.
4. Engage in e-Advocacy through the latest LAMPa or ELCA Action Alert – promote it on your congregational website and through email newsletters.

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