As part of the LAMPa’s education ministry, we invite your synod group, congregation or youth group to participate in a Hunger simulation. Hunger 101 is an interactive simulation experience and in-depth discussion of hunger and poverty event that culminates with a strong call to action.

Participants role-play people in difficult economic situations, for instance, a single mother of three, a young couple with a child, a grandmother caring for her grandchild or a child caring for his sick mother. Using their assigned identities, participants then calculate their daily food budget, taking into account their monthly income and other expenses.

Next, they have 45 minutes to visit four stations set aside as a bank, grocery store, food pantry and local food stamp office in order to procure food for one day for their family. Attendees share the issues they faced in the simulation and brainstorm solutions during a group discussion. Hunger 101 ends with a call to action and opportunities for advocacy to address hunger in Pennsylvania.

Hunger 101 was developed by The Lutheran Coalition for Public Policy Minnesota in partnership with America’s Second Harvest, the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the United States.

We would love to help you learn about the Hunger 101 and how you can begin to organize and launch a Hunger 101 initiative that will mobilize communities for advocacy and follow-through local action. Please contact the LAMPa office if you are interested in having us facilitate Hunger 101 at your church.