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Transforming Ministry, Changing Lives With An Open Table

May 11, 2021

CHANGED LIVES CHANGE THE WORLD! On May 11, join congregations from around Pennsylvania eager to emerge from this challenging year transformed to be transforming.
Hear from those whose lives and communities have been transformed by the love of God and the power of relationship and accompaniment. Learn what an Open Table might mean for your community, your congregation, and your own discipleship.
Registrants are invited to learn more about Open Table and to submit questions in advance to us at LAMPa@lutheranadvocacypa.org. There will also be time for Q&A. Registrants will receive a link to a recording of the presentation that can be shared with others in their congregation.
Our most effective, authentic advocacy is rooted in ministries of accompaniment. That’s why LAMPa is offering this opportunity for our congregations to explore Open Table together and connect with others in Pennsylvania whose ministries are already shaped by this model.
The Story of Open Table
By Jon Katov, Founder and CEO of The Open Table, pictured above with his friend, Ernie.
Look beyond the hats. Through our eyes. And into our hearts. That is where you will find the story of the OpenTable Movement.
Open Table began through a local mission of my congregation in Phoenix, Arizona. But our common human purpose is the common good. These days you will find Tables being developed by people in business, congregations, community agencies, government, healthcare systems, universities and in many other places.
Ernie introduced himself to us at the local mission and we to him. As friendships developed, it became clear we had untapped resources Ernie could use as tools to develop the better life he envisioned for himself: relational and social capital. We created a group we called a “board of directors” (now called a Table) and met together every week to support the plan Ernie developed for himself. We worked through challenges and opportunities. Ernie also had a resource we needed: an invitation to the transforming reciprocity that authors relationship. We gave Ernie our social networks. Ernie gave us who he was.
This encounter evolved into the developmental journey that is now the Open Table model. This model is recognized and practiced around the country and has been found to be an effective approach for transforming people and communities. Its foundations as a community practice are rooted in a theory of change, ongoing research and training based on fourteen years of experience.
However, the evidence of transformation is not necessarily in the numbers, but in a new way of living. Though Ernie and I are not geographically close to one another, Ernie and I have continued our relationship for fifteen years and text each other a greeting each morning and evening. It means “I am here and present in your life. Reach out and I’ll be there.” And we have both lived into this promise. I thought I was the one sent to rescue Ernie. But Ernie turned out to be the one sent to rescue me.


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