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The National Housing Trust is offering Pennsylvania our very own Boot Camp | 4-5 virtual educational sessions beginning the week of July 15 and over the remainder of the summer to help affordable housing owners, developers, and asset managers in Pennsylvania to access Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) funding to make property upgrades.

Program Approach:
The Bootcamp will help Pennsylvania multifamily affordable housing providers learn about and access IRA programs in the Commonwealth to make affordable housing more energy-efficient and climate resilient. Participants will also receive guidance on how to identify energy-saving and resiliency opportunities in their portfolio.

WHY Participate:

There are significant dollars available at the federal and state levels made available through the Inflation Reduction Act; Upwards of $40 billion in tax credits, rebates, loans, and grants that can be used to support investments in energy efficiency and climate resiliency of affordable housing.

You’re Busy! You may not have had the time to figure out all the opportunities yourself. This series will provide you with some dedicated time and help to understand how to prepare for applying and even if these opportunities are right for you.

WHAT You Will Receive By Participating:

For those participating in person, the 4-5 virtual educational sessions will provide you with:
• 4-5 virtual educational sessions.
• Access to resources (case studies, tools, etc.) that participants can share with their teams to promote broader awareness of decarbonization and funding opportunities.
• Opportunities to learn from peers.
• Support in developing a preliminary action plan for using decarbonization incentives to address portfolio challenges.
• Opportunities to help shape the Commonwealth’s IRA program design and implementation strategies that address the challenges of implementing energy/decarbonization retrofits in affordable housing, ensuring equitable IRA program rollouts in Pennsylvania.

For those listening to the on-demand recordings, you will receive:
• 4-5 virtual educational sessions
• Access to resources (case studies, tools, etc.) that participants can share with their teams to promote broader awareness of decarbonization and funding opportunities.

Also, to be offered is an optional in-person gathering for participants to connect with state program administrators and technical assistance providers (September, TBD).

Register here. 

Sponsored by: Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania (LAMPa is a member), PULP, ACTION Housing, and New Ecology.

This program is offered by the National Housing Trust in close collaboration and partnership with the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania, PULP (Public Utility Law Project), ACTION Housing, and New Ecology.

Our organizations jointly offered a virtual session on April 11, 2024. Click here for the slides and recording to get more information on the available resources.

About the National Housing Trust:

NHT is a team of passionate experts and advocates that brings resident services, lending, policy, sustainability, and development under one roof, giving us the tools to make real change possible for the people we serve. We equip communities for a sustainable, equitable future by preserving and modernizing existing homes—and building new homes that stand the test of time.

Over the last year, NHT’s Sustainability Policy team has led a capacity-building IRA Bootcamp that positions affordable housing owners and state housing finance agencies to best use Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) resources. IRA resources represent a critical opportunity to deliver more energy-efficient, resilient housing that lowers carbon emissions. NHT designed the Bootcamp program to ensure stakeholders understood the latest guidance and what these opportunities mean for their state, portfolio, and residents.

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