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God’s Work. Our hands. Our voices. Set for September 13

Sep 13, 2020

September 13 is the designated ELCA Churchwide Day of Service. Make it a day of God’s work. Our hands. Our voices! ELCA vital congregations work to strengthen their relationship with God, nurture relationships with each other and create a strong presence with their community. “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday is one way for congregations to discover ways to build on each of these connections.

In recognition of our Lutheran commitment to both charity and justice, consider adding advocacy action to your day of service. There are many effective ways to be an advocate, and the ELCA is ready to support your efforts. Open this link to access this year’s ELCA God’s work. Our hands. Toolkit.  Downloadable ELCA Advocacy printable signs  are available to assist you.

Adapted resources have been developed during this time of COVID-19. These resources may be used virtually or shared through virtual group meetings as desired. Engage with LAMPa and ELCA Advocacy on a range of topics and initiatives:

• Work to Advance voting rights through ELCAvotes.
• Take action on racial justice through items on the ELCA Anti-Racism Pledge.
• Write letters to your elected representatives using templates on Housing; SNAP; and Climate Change. It is imperative to personalize your letters on the lines provided on each template; otherwise they may be discarded.
• Visit Advocacy Alerts on the LAMPa website to directly message lawmakers on  State and Federal  issues affecting our communities.

Advocacy is a way for us to serve our neighbor. Through advocacy ministry, we can stand up for policies that create opportunities to end hunger, overcome poverty, promote peace and dignity, and preserve God’s creation in systemic, long-lasting ways.

While clearing debris from a stream, reflect on the safety of our water supply. While preparing healthy food for a meal program, reflect on food access. While affixing emergency phone numbers to bars of hotel soap, reflect on the misery of human trafficking. While gathering coats for a transplanted family’s first midwestern winter, reflect on migration stories.

Want some ideas or help with projects you have in mind? From planting trees to weatherizing homes, stocking food pantries, picking up litter, making prayer shawls or volunteering with a social ministry organization, we can help you take your service to neighbor a step further toward justice through advocacy. Contact us  and put “Sept. 13” in the subject line.

We can also put you in touch with congregations who have already successfully incorporated advocacy into their day of service. God’s work. Our hands. resources are also available online.

Have a great idea? Don’t be bashful. Let us know so we can spread the good news of what God is up to in your part of Pennsylvani