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#For Such a Time: Improve Our Nation’s Infrastructure

Oct 21, 2018

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and the Episcopal Church continue our united call to “Pray, Fast and Act” in support of vital federal programs that assist communities and make meaningful changes in the lives of low-income families.

This month, we give special attention to programs that help improve our nation’s infrastructure: from our roads, bridges, means of transportation, wastewater, buildings and other structures that are necessary for the operation of our communities and the rest of society. The strength of our communities plays an important part in the lives of a person’s well-being, and after decades of chronic underfunding, our infrastructure is rapidly deteriorating. More than ever, federal infrastructure programs are critical to sustain a healthy and thriving society.

On Oct. 21, join ELCA Advocacy, the Episcopal Public Policy Network, and the presiding bishops of the Episcopal Church and the ELCA as we #PrayFastAct.

Pray for the many communities left behind and neglected by fast-changing economic forces. Pray for the public will and just intentions to bring investments to places and families in the greatest need.

Fast in mindfulness of holistic community investment and times when financial support fell short.

Act by urging Congress to prioritize critical programs that sustain our nation’s infrastructure, and the pursuit of holistic public investment strategies that strengthen all Americans.
October Action: Infrastructure
Activists working in the margins know that infrastructure is about much more than maintaining bricks and mortar. Investment in infrastructure improves economic growth, incentivizes job creation, enhances economic mobility and raises incomes. They also know any infrastructure strategy, however, would be incomplete without prioritizing the impact on low- and middle-income families and neighborhoods. As affirmed in the ELCA social statement on economic life, “government and the private sector also must invest in health, education, and infrastructures necessary for sustainable development. When people and resources are connected in ways that multiply their power and effectiveness, this will help bring about productive results and meaningful participation in community and economic life.”

Faith-based organizations and ministries have long been critical stakeholders in strengthening and rebuilding neighborhoods throughout the world. From small rural towns, to dense urban cities across the nation, congregations have historically served as centering institutions, and most critically in places that have failed to see significant economic gains. Attention to infrastructure can be about affirming the safety, opportunity, respect and dignity that we strive for in all sectors of life. If we have the ability to significantly restore our economy, through activity like rebuilding our energy grid and our roads, we will provide significant investments in communities that can kick-start wider economic and social participation in the long term.

Here’s how to equip yourself and your congregation to #PrayFastAct on Oct. 21:
1. Read the October Advocacy Resource for more information on infrastructure programs and the involvement of the faith community.
2. Visit ELCA.org/PrayFastAct to watch a message from the Rev. Elizabeth Eaton, presiding bishop of the ELCA.
3. Learn about the conversation of infrastructure plans and what is at stake at Congressional Research Service and Infrastructure Week.
4. Look out for the #PrayFastAct action alert on Sunday, Oct. 21, and join us as we pray, fast and advocate together.



Oct 21, 2018
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