Senate Derails Payday Move by House

July 8th, 2013|

 Payday lenders convinced state House Republican leaders to slip a line into a Fiscal Code bill needed to implement aspects of the new state budget stating that it was the "intent" of House and Senate Republican leaders to pass legislation by October to legalize high-interest payday loans in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately

New Payday Loan Bill Introduced: SB 975

June 11th, 2013|

Payday lending proponents have unveiled their proposal in the Senate to bring legalized predatory payday loans to Pennsylvania. It is Senate Bill 975, and bears the misleading title of  "Micro Loan Reform". This proposal intends to override the Commonwealth’s strong consumer protections and to legalize harmful payday loan products in


April 4th, 2013|

On the night before his death, Jesus teaches his disciples one final lesson. He models what it means to be a disciple by serving others and washing their feet. He instructs his closest followers that serving God means loving our neighbor and tending to their needs before our own. Jesus

LAMPa and the 2013-14 State Budget

February 6th, 2013|

On February 5, Governor Corbett unveiled his $28.4 billion budget for the next fiscal year, an increase of $400 million, or 1%, from the budget in place when he took office in 2011. In contrast to previous budgets, which were shrouded in secrecy before the reveal, this year the Governor

LAMPa Sets 2013-14 Advocacy Agenda

December 13th, 2012|

LAMPa Mission Statement: In response to God’s love in Jesus Christ, we advocate for wise and just public policies in Pennsylvania that promote the common good. “The witness of this church in society flows from its identity as a community that lives from and for the gospel. Faith is active

2012 LAMPa Advocacy Summary

October 31st, 2012|

LAMPa advocacy takes place through direct contacts in Harrisburg and involving the LAMPa network in email and call-in advocacy, offering testimony, writing letters to the editors and district visits. The impact of LAMPa advocacy in 2012 included: • Maintaining funding of the State Food Purchase Program, which provides vital grants

Website Update

January 16th, 2012|

We are currently recovering from a loss of all our website data due to a database issue. Thanks for your patience as we rebuild out content.

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