Call for A Budget That Puts Students First

As the budget impasses continues, the Campaign for Fair Education Funding this week formally called on Gov. Tom Wolf and legislators to promptly reach a budget agreement that enacts the funding formula adopted by the state Basic Education Funding Commission and increases basic education funding by at least $410 million this year.

“Failure to sufficiently fund our public schools and to correct the glaring disparities in the way public education is funded will shortchange our children and continue to hold back our state’s economy,” the campaign wrote in a letter signed by more than 50 of its supporting organizations, including LAMPa.

Pennsylvania has the widest funding gap between wealthy and poor school districts in the nation and is one of only three states without a school funding formula. The letter calls for swift action so that “Pennsylvania can shift from being a case study in unpredictable and inequitable public school funding to setting the standard for delivering fair funding that meets the needs of every child.” Read the letter.

If you agree, you can help elevate this issue in the state Capitol by lending your voice to the Campaign for Fair Education Funding. Sign up here.

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  • 12.18.15

    By: Holly Hoffman

    The minds of our children are our greatest resource. We cannot afford to waste even one. We all know that with better education comes better income and health, coupled with less expenditure on Medicaid and other social programs.

    Lets use common sense and look to the future. Just and equitable school funding means more prosperity and better lives for all Pennsylvanians.

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