As Lutherans, we understand that all that is belongs to God – all of Creation, all of us, the reconciling love of God in Christ Jesus – and we are amazingly called to be stewards of all of that.  And yet, many imagine a wall that separates public life from faith life – as if the way in which we make decisions about how we will live in relationship to one another, the Earth and all that is in it, is in some box that God cannot enter.   That thinking is a product of our culture, not our theology.  To help understand the roots and current practice of Lutheran advocacy, LAMPa is producing materials, including videos and study guides, to be used in settings from youth retreats to synod assemblies, adult forums and service projects all around this large state – where it is difficult for LAMPa staff to be physically present for every event.  The videos feature stories told by Lutherans whose understanding of their baptismal call has led them to advocacy for the world God loves. The study guide is being produced by The Rev.  Dr. John Hoffmeyer, systematic theologian at the Lutheran Seminary at Philadelphia.  John Kahler and Mark Staples, both veteran storytellers in print and visual communications, are producing the videos as well as creating story-sharing resources that will allow others to make their own videos  or post to our website the ways in which God has led them to “Serve.Pray.Speak.”    Your donation can help us complete and continue the project and allow you, our advocates, to share the importance of this ministry and invite others into it.  Please donate, so that we might become bolder disciples!