Advocacy for ELCA Day of Service

LAMPa has identified four advocacy opportunities for congregations to engage in during God’s Work. Our Hands. Day of Service. Each come with background materials and ideas and ideas for action. Need a hand getting this off the ground? Contact the LAMPa office for ideas and support.


Support expansion of affordable housing in Pennsylvania through funding the State Housing Trust Fund.

The chronic lack of adequate, affordable housing is a major driver of hunger in Pennsylvania. You can do something about it through supporting the State Housing Trust Fund, a proven vehicle for expanding housing opportunity along with increasing economic development and jobs in the  state. Read LAMPa Issue Brief on the trust fund and an in-depth backgrounder from the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania.

How can I take action on this issue?

• LAMPa is encouraging advocates to write, call or visit their state lawmakers, requesting that they support House Bill 2434 and Senate Bill 1380 and contact their leadership to move the bill this fall. You can find your lawmakers here.
• Call or write to thank the bills’ sponsors, Rep. Tom Killion and Sen. Elder Vogel.
• The most important advocacy tactic is to share stories of people in your ministries who struggle with the need for shelter or how your communities have been affected by blight. Describe the difference this funding could make in the lives of those you know.
• Invite lawmakers to see your work with those who are homeless or lacking safe, adequate shelter.
• Conduct a letter-writing campaign in your congregation or ministry to emphasize your community’s dedication to ensuring that safe, affordable homes are within reach for every Pennsylvanian.


Take part in the ELCA’s “Clean Air for All of God’s Children” initiative and show your support for the EPA’s Clean Power Plan by writing an official comment to the EPA.

Write a letter to the EPA in support of reducing pollution at our nation’s existing power plants using the template letter provided by ELCA Advocacy or on the ELCA Action Center. ELCA Advocacy will gather these completed hand written letters and deliver them to the EPA before the public comment period ends.

How can I take action on this issue?

  1. Print the attached “Clean Air for All Letter to the EPA and “Clean Air Letter to the EPA how to” document for each participant.
  2. Write your comments on the letter and include your contact information (the EPA will not accept the letter without a full name and address)
  3. Once all letters are completed, send to ELCA Advocacy’s Washington, DC office or contact Tia Upchurch-Freelove ( 202-626-7947) to set up shipment of your completed letters. Do not ship directly to the EPA – we will hand deliver all letters from across the country together.


Tell Congress to fight childhood hunger and support older Americans.

Next year, Congress must act to reauthorize two important pieces of legislation: The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act, and the Older Americans Act. The Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act helps fight childhood hunger and prevent nutrition-related health problems for low-income mothers and their children. The Older Americans Act provides funding to ensure older Americans remain healthy, economically secure, and independent in their homes and communities.

Help ELCA Advocacy give a Lutheran voice to these issues by having your congregation write postcards to your members of Congress expressing the importance of improving the lives of children, low-income mothers, and older Americans.

How can I take action on this issue? (See Child Nutrition and Older Americans Act postcard examples attached to this message)

  1. Send  postcards in support of the Older Americans Act  and/or Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act by contacting Tia Upchurch-Freelove (, 202-626-7947) and request to have postcards sent to you.
  2. Once you receive the postcards, have participants fill out a message to their member of Congress. Make sure to include the writer’s full name and address.
  3. ELCA Advocacy will use the addresses listed to find the writer’s member of Congress.
  4. Once all postcards are filled out, contact Tia to set up shipment of the completed postcards to our ELCA Advocacy Office, 122 C Street NW, Suite 125, Washington, DC, 20001

Do not send completely postcards directly to your member of Congress. ELCA Advocacy will identify your members of Congress and drop these postcards off at their Congressional offices in Washington, DC.

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