Dear Friends in Christ,

We, the ELCA Bishops in Pennsylvania, give thanks for you, our congregations and ministries who live out the Gospel by providing food, shelter, medical care, compassion and hope to the poor and vulnerable in our midst. We write to ask you to complement these ministries of service by contributing to our shared ministry of justice: Lutheran Advocacy Ministry in Pennsylvania (LAMPa).

What is LAMPa?

LAMPa is a partnership of Pennsylvania synods, agencies and institutions that leads all of us in shaping public policy to address the root causes of hunger, poverty and injustice.

What does LAMPa do?

• UNITES US in our common priorities,
• SERVES AS A WITNESS IN THE HALLS OF GOVERNMENT to the work we are doing in our communities, and
• EQUIPS OUR MEMBERS to interact with their elected officials.

How does LAMPa accomplish this?

• by monitoring issues of importance,
• by preparing educational and theological resource materials and trainings, • by participating in coalitions that positively shape legislative policy and
• by sending out calls to action.

In 2014, Lutherans, through LAMPa, have worked across Pennsylvania to increase affordable housing, address homelessness, support hunger ministries, oppose predatory lending, ensure clean air to breathe, expand health care for low-income persons as well as to address immigration and promote civil rights. We invite you to help us grow this shared ministry by contributing generously to LAMPa through the use of the enclosed envelope, or by giving online at www. It is now more critical than ever that our voice, as the people of God, be heard as budget cuts and policy proposals continue to come at the expense of the poorest and most vulnerable of our brothers and sisters. With your help, LAMPa will continue to grow Lutheran engagement in witness as a public church.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Claire S. Burkat, Bishop Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA

The Rev. Robert L. Driesen, Bishop Upper Susquehanna Synod of the ELCA

The Rev. James Dunlop, Bishop Lower Susquehanna Synod of the ELCA

The Rev. Ralph E. Jones, Bishop Northwestern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA

The Rev. Kurt F. Kusserow, Bishop Southwestern Pennsylvania of the ELCA

The Rev. Michael Rhyne, Bishop Allegheny Synod of the ELCA

The Rev. Samuel R. Zeiser, Bishop Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the ELCA