Issue Briefs

Throughout the legislative session, LAMPa will produce and update one page (front and back) documents on priority issues as they arise.  We strive to create action alerts that provide advocates with enough information to take action quickly. Issue Briefs serve as a good introduction to an issue by providing additional background information and theological reflection to supplement action alerts.

We encourage LAMPa Advocates to print off Issue Briefs of interest and make them available in congregations via a bulletin board or resource table.

All Issue Briefs have a date listed on the bottom right corner.  The legislative process can be slow, so they are often up to date, even if written several months ago.  However, if you are preparing an educational event or visiting a legislator, please contact LAMPa for the latest, most up-to-date information on any issue listed below.

The current Issue Briefs below were prepared for the 2014-15 General Assembly Session.

State Food Purchase Program

Dream Act

Minimum Wage

State Housing Trust Fund